Oh, denizens of cuteness



Or the game that gives you the choice of creating eminently cute beings or scary behemoths that eat babies.

I chose the cute route. See those Princess Leialike orbs on my creations’ heads?


Very cute game, but I like that I can play it for a bit, save, then get back to whatever work I was doing.

Back to work.

3 thoughts on “Oh, denizens of cuteness

  1. We were talking about Spore on the bus the other day!
    So, you’ve recreated my poison spiting wife?

  2. You downloaded it? From where? I’ve heard so much about it I really want to play too. Kinda afraid too though.. in case it becomes a productivity black hole 😛

  3. Erna

    @Dabido: Nah, mine have better personalities.
    @blogjunkie: LOL, no I plonked down cash at TSB. So far, so good but hey aren’t all PC games supposed to be productivity black holes? XD

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